Locs are one of the most beautiful, carefree, hairstyles! With proper care and a clean maintenance routine, growing your hair has never been easier...but there are some things everyone should avoid when managing new growth or touching up any areas of the hair during maintenance and/or styling. 

Did you know excessive product usage can lead to build up in your locs? It can. And unfortunately, build up can result in damage to the locs in addition to being generally unattractive and conveying an image of unclean hair despite adhering to a regular wash routine. 

Repeated use of heavy, sticky, products can result in a massive accumulation of embedded residual product. That’s not what we want for our crowns, ladies and gentleman. 

We have developed an amazing ensemble of products that will keep your locs, growing, flowing and debris free. How? Simple... we use a combination of treated and infused water (for spray on hydration of each section) and an oil application (one drop) at the base of each loc while retwisting or interlocking. The results are shiny, smooth and absolutely build up free! We call it the Rosé Hydration method! We use our Rosé Hydration Beauty Mist and 5-in-1+ Miracle Oil to achieve these clean results after using our Mint Magic Shampoo.  


For people who prefer a little hold at the root, use a small amount of our Lux Sleek Styling Foam at the base of each loc as you work through the hair. At the very perimeter, a small amount, less than a dime of edge control generally works if you desire a sleek and flat finish to edge hair. Always allow locs to fully dry. A hooded dryer is always recommended unless you have fine, micro-size locs. Otherwise, allowing hair to air dry fully is a must and towel blotting and manual hair drying is recommended prior to air drying to avoid long term sanitation issues related to odor, etc.  

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