OUR STORY... In 2014,  under the auspices of our parent company, locXurious, Luxury Organix was created to change the relationship that naturals have with their hair. The fact is, natural hair is more manageable and more prone to growth retention when the right products are introduced into a haircare regimen. We've discovered the perfect balance between the luxury Of science and the purity and strength of nature's finest ingredients. We use nothing but the finest butters and oil blends in pure (for aroma) and natural options to produce our products. Our customers agree that they enjoy softer, more manageable, shiny hair with our natural, hand-made, preservative free products.

In addition to our wonderful hair care products, we have cultivated a first-class ensemble of skin care products designed to nourish and soften the skin. We use only the best natural extracts to bring you luxurious, yet safe and ethically produced skin care options.

Trying is believing! Our results speak for themselves.