It brings us so much joy to help our customers feel good about themselves! Healthy, fabulous looking hair is a definite boost  for self-esteem and appearance. There is nothing like watching your own hair grow, naturally, while achieving your hair goals...especially if you've experienced challenges doing so in the past.


I started using Luxury Organix products in September 2015. I had been natural for about two decades at that point but reached a plateau when it came to hair growth, thickness and satisfaction with my hair. I was going to a hairdresser at the time who said that my hair had reached its' final point of growing. I noticed my friends hair was long and healthy and I asked her where she went and she recommended a shop named locXurious to me. This was the best decision I have ever made. Since being a regular at the shop my hair has grown significantly and they use Luxury Organix products exclusively. Now, my hair is healthier than it's ever been and I could not be happier. These products are amazing! After suffering from dry hair for all of my life, these products keep my hair moisturized from appointment to appointment with at-home use. I even have my mom hooked. She has thinning hair in the center of her crown and I have been giving her the products and her hair has started to grow within just six months.

If you want healthy hair, excellent quality and to get your hair to grow this is the line to help you do it. -  Tosha Brewster of Waldorf, MD



I use the moisturizer and oil at and in between hair appointments to maintain softness and shine. My hair doesn't break and twist-outs are always beautiful. Love the versatility being natural allows for thanks to Luxury Organix. - K. Boyd, Acokeek, Md




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