Knot Anymore Cleansing and Conditioning Kit

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Knot Anymore Cleansing and Conditioning Kit

Did you know that the one of the biggest causes of breaking hair is dryness? If your hair is breaking, chances are your hair is dry desperately and in need of moisture. Start hydrating your hair at the start of your hair care regimen and better results are guaranteed. Tame tangles! Stop snags! Eliminate breakage! Grow longer stronger hair!

Especially for the holidays, our 3 part Cleansing and Conditioning Kit is now on sale and your hair couldn't be more lucky! Prep your hair before you shampoo and condition with our Knot Anymore detangling spray and you'll immediately feel the difference in softness and manageability.

Here's how you're going to strengthen and repair your hair with our 3 part system:

STEP 1: Prior to shampooing, spray Knot Anymore to help soften and separate hair for a smoother cleansing experience. How?  Enriched with ProVitaminB5, Amino Acids & Botanical Extracts, this detangling conditioner is without a doubt, a must-have for textured hair! Infused with an assortment of botanicals, this detangling conditioner leaves hair shiny without weighing it down.

Pro Vitamin B5 adds shine and conditions. Strengthens and soothes. Adds body and volume and repairs split ends. 

STEP 2: 

Cleanse hair and scalp as normal with our Mint Magic Shampoo. Naturally lavish, this rich hydrating shampoo, made with soothing Cucumber and Marigold Extracts, gently removes impurities and brings definition to curls while protecting color. Hydrated curls are left vibrant and frizz-free while the menthol elements penetrate and invigorate the scalp leaving a tingling, relaxing sensation behind.


Apply generous amounts of Mint Magic Conditioner and comb from ends to roots for safely stretched, and separated hair. Our conditioner is perfect for added moisture and strength and is effective at tackling tangles, promoting curls and leaving hair well nourished and manageable. This thick, rich, effective yet gentle formula increases the ability of hair to bind to moisture. Super-charged with botanical extracts, hair detangles easily and maintains lustrous shine. Great for all hair types, and also recommended for textured, bleached or highlighted hair. 

Added benefits of using the kit:

Thermal Protection from blow drying and hot iron or curling wand use. *Use Knot Anymore before blow drying. 

 Safe to use on color treated, straightened and chemically-altered hair.

Free of alcohol, parabens, harmful sulfates and sodium chlorides.

pH balanced.

UV protectant. 

*Complete Nourishing Moisturizer and our 5-in-1 Miracle Oil are recommended for styling after using the Knot Anymore system. 

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